Worthless Kitchen Stuff That Simply Take Up Storage Space

Hands-Free Bag Holder Perhaps it could be useful in case you have lost one hand. I still have both, and i have never had an issue putting food or anything else into plastic bags. I have my bag wide-open with one hand and after that, applying the other, either put the food in the bagContinue reading “Worthless Kitchen Stuff That Simply Take Up Storage Space”

Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Come Across a Good Coffee Maker

A couple weeks ago, we experienced the death of our good old KitchenAid coffee maker. It was a simple model from past times, nevertheless it supplied us with decent coffee for many years: absolutely no bad cheap-plastic smells, only perfect coffee. So currently we need a replacement unit. When trying to look for user reviews,Continue reading “Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Come Across a Good Coffee Maker”

France’s Experimental ‘Solar Highway’ has Failed

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This project is an excellent example of spending tax money on ridiculous things. While every single engineer who has a piece of paper and a pen predicted the efficiency of Solar Highway, the eurocrats continued to spend taxpayer money zealously. If compared to commercial solarContinue reading “France’s Experimental ‘Solar Highway’ has Failed”

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