Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Come Across a Good Coffee Maker

A couple weeks ago, we experienced the death of our good old KitchenAid coffee maker. It was a simple model from past times, nevertheless it supplied us with decent coffee for many years: absolutely no bad cheap-plastic smells, only perfect coffee. So currently we need a replacement unit.

When trying to look for user reviews, my wife and I found this great fellow at, and he showed me precisely why I’m just reading total junk on practically 50% of the comparison web sites.

These days testimonials are quite commercialized. Many internet sites are making money on written content by directing their own auditory to internet shops. A lot of them commonly are not comparing products that they sell, merely compiling already present materials.

And, this grew into a serious problem. Kindly instruct me what I must do to pick out a decent product that will satisfy my needs.

Well, when you know somebody who possesses the device that you are aiming for – ask what they think, arrange a get-together and test it with your own hands. Testing products personally is usually the number one way.

Unfortunately, that is not often easy to do and you will need to spend some time. Can you suggest another solution?

When I’m checking for a gadget that deals with foodstuff, I always purchase a reputable manufacturer and materials that even, theoretically, are not able to affect my body. When it comes to coffee makers, it’s stainless metal and glass for the parts which come in close contact with boiling water.

Right now every coffee maker does have plastic components. As a minimum the brew baskets are manufactured from plastic. And that is where the trademark name makes sense.

When the company produces their own coffee-related devices for decades, that obviously indicates that this vendor understands quite a lot about coffee. Have a look at the reviews regarding currently retailing products and discuss it on related forums. A company that also provides a whole lot of other cooking equipment most likely produces mediocre coffee machines at best.

I even have an excellent illustration from my top 5 cup coffee maker article. Moccamaster brand owner provides top quality and is focused on coffee brewing. Rather pricey.

EC-DAC50 is a really decent quality mass product but will cost you double of the electronic Capresso and Kenmore. On the other hand Bonavita costs twice more then the japanese brewer, it’s specializing in coffee brewing, however their production is in China, also it is within a higher costs range.

Thank you for the time and straightforward suggestions in my present matter. I wish you good luck at your ongoing coffee project.

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